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Information about Lobbyists

Available information about registered lobbyists includes photographs, client names, biographies, contact information, and expenditure summary reports.

Printable Directory (52 pages)

Pictorial Directory of Registered Lobbyists

View detailed information about registered lobbyists, including photographs, client names, biographies and contact information.  Updated daily. 

Printable Address List of Registered Lobbyists

View, print, or save a PDF file of the names and contact information of registered lobbyists.  Updated daily. 

Index of Registered Lobbyists

This index includes Registered Lobbyists, Employers of Registered Lobbyists, Lobbying Firms, and Agents, from 2000 to present.

Lobbyist Expenditure Summary Reports

Review summary reports for total compensation, expenses, advertising, literature, entertainment, and contributions for lobbyists and their employers.

Lobbyist Top Spending and Paid Reports

Review summary reports of the top spenders and top earners.