Public Disclosure Commission

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Note: All times shown for consideration of agenda items (other than time of convening) are approximate and may vary, depending on the amount of discussion required for each.

Brief Enforcement Hearing (Brief Adjudicative Proceeding)

Brief Hearing 5.11.16 AUDIO

  • Robert Sheckler PDC Case 1154 | The complaint alleged that Robert Sheckler, a Des Moines City Council Member during 2013 and 2014, violated RCW 42.17A.710 by failing to timely disclose on his Personal Financial Affairs Statement (PDC Form F-1) and in Part C of the F-1 Supplement, for 2013 activity, travel costs totaling $2,993 associated with a trip to Miami, Florida, that were paid for by a source other than the City of Des Moines, in this case, by Yareton Investments. The travel costs were reported 377 days late on April 27, 2015 on an amended F-1 and F-1 Supplement for 2013 activity.

Presenter: Phil Stutzman

  • Paul Schneider PDC Case 15-067 (2335) | The complaint alleged that Paul Schneider, a teacher at University High School in the Central Valley School District No. 356, violated RCW 42.17A.555 by using the facilities of the Central Valley School District to assist his campaign for School Director in Spokane School District No. 81 in 2015, when he videotaped a political advertisement at his desk in his classroom.

Presenter: Kurt Young

  • Kittitas County Democratic Central Committee PDC Case 2066 | The complaint alleged that the Kittitas County Democratic Central Committee, a bona-fide County political party organization that has been registered and reporting with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) as political party committee, violated:
  1. RCWs 42.17A.235 and .240 by failing to timely file C-3 and C-4 reports disclosing contribution and expenditure activities undertaken during calendar year 2013, and
  2. RCW 42.17A.245 by failing to file contribution and expenditure reports using the required electronic method.

Presenter: Jacob Berkey

Reporting Modifications

The Commission may deliberate in closed session on any enforcement matter on this agenda, or any matters listed in RCW 42.30.140.