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Rule Making
January 28, 2016
Inflationary adjustments to contribution limits take effect February 29.

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About this Web Site

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) Website is divided into five (5) Sections.

PDC Home
Find information on Commission meeting agendas, minutes, enforcement activity, laws, rules, rulemaking and stakeholder meetings.

Public Resources
Look-up information on the financing of political campaigns and lobbyist expenditures.

Filer Resources
Browse for information about filing requirements, access forms, manuals, brochures, electronic filing options, and training schedules.

Search the Database
Access the most recent campaign finance data.

View Actual Reports
Find actual reports filed with the Public Disclosure Commission.
How to Search for Campaign Finance Information
Click the Search the Database tab located above to display a list of registered candidates, political committees and their campaign contributions and expenditures.

How to Search for Reports Filed with the Commission
To view images of reports filed by political committees, lobbyists, lobbyist employers and other candidates that have a Public Disclosure Commission filing requirement, click the View Actual Reports tab above.

For information on making your search more precise or getting useful results, please read our tips on detailed search instructions.

Requesting PDC Records
Click here to request the Public Disclosure Commission's records not found on this website.

Please be aware that the Public Disclosure Commission does not provide records of other agencies or enforce the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).  We are not able to assist individuals who are requesting records of other government agencies.  The Public Disclosure Commission does not hear disputes concerning records of other government agencies.


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