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If you’re engaged in lobbying activities, use these guides to learn how to report  lobbying expenses and access reporting tools. 

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What you need to know about filing disclosure reports if your organization is a nonprofit that makes contributions or expenditures in election campaigns.

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Learn about filing an annual Personal Financial Affairs (F-1) statement, as well as what restricts your activities while in office and during elections.

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At its February meeting, the Commission voted to make inflationary adjustments to campaign…


Gov. Jay Inslee has appointed retired Snohomish County-based appeals court judge J. Robert Leach to serve on the Washington state Public Disclosure Commission.  

In 2008, Leach was appointed to the state Court of Appeals in Snohomish…


The Public Disclosure Commission voted Thursday to issue formal guidance regarding candidates’ use of unspent contributions received for a previous campaign for a different office.  

Under RCW 42.17A.490, a candidate who solicits…

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