For ease of reference, here are links to the defined terms in RCW 42.17A and in rules adopted by the commission. For a list of other commonly used terms, see this page.


Actual malice: See RCW 42.17A.005(1)

Agency: See RCW 42.17A.005(2)



Authorized committee: See RCW 42.17A.005(3)

Ballot proposition: See RCW 42.17A.005(4)

Benefit: See RCW 42.17A.005(5)

Bona fide political party: See RCW 42.17A.005(6)

Books of account: See RCW 42.17A.005(7)

Business Day

Candidate for state office

Candidate: See RCW 42.17A.005(8) and WAC 390-05-200

Caucus political committee: See RCW 42.17A.005(9)

Collective bargaining association

Commission: See RCW 42.17A.005(11)

Committee: See RCW 42.17A.005(12)

Compensation: See RCW 42.17A.005(13)




Continuing political committee: See RCW 42.17A.005(14)

Contribution: See RCW 42.17A.005(15) and WAC 390-05-210



Debt (for purposes of F-1)

Depository: See RCW 42.17A.005(16)

Deputy treasurer: See RCW 42.17A.005(52)

Direct financial interest (for purposes of F-1)

Doing business in Washington

Domestic partner

Earmarked contributions

Elected official: See RCW 42.17A.005(17)

Election campaign: See See RCW 42.17A.005(19)

Election cycle: See RCW 42.17A.005(20)

Election: See RCW 42.17A.005(18)

Electioneering communication: See RCW 42.17A.005(21)

Expenditure: See RCW 42.17A.005(22)


Fair market value

Final report: See RCW 42.17A.005(23)


Funding sources for electioneering communications

General election: See RCW 42.17A.005(24)

General treasury funds

Gift: See RCW 42.17A.005(25) and RCW 42.52.010

Immediate family: See RCW 42.17A.005(26)

Incidental committee: See RCW 42.17A.005(9)

Incumbent: See RCW 42.17A.005(28)

Independent expenditure: See RCW 42.17A.255 and WAC 390-16-058

Inoperable electronic filing system

Intermediary: See RCW 42.17A.005(30)

Legislation: See RCW 42.17A.005(31)

Legislative office: See RCW 42.17A.005(32)

Lobby: See RCW 42.17A.005(33)

Lobbying: See RCW 42.17A.005(33)

Lobbyist: See RCW 42.17A.005(34)

Lobbyist’s employer: See RCW 42.17A.005(35) and WAC 390-20-105

Mass communication

Medium that does not include a visual image


Ministerial functions: See RCW 42.17A.005(36)

Nonprofit organization (for purposes of incidental committees)

Nonreimbursed public office related expense

Normal and regular conduct


Officer (for purposes of F-1)


Other expenses for purposes of lobbing reporting

Participate: See RCW 42.17A.005(37)

Party affiliation

Party organization

Party preference

Payments received by incidental committees


Person: See RCW 42.17A.005(38)

Place of business

Political advertising: See RCW 42.17A.005(39) and WAC 390-05-290

Political committee: See RCW 42.17A.005(40)

Primary: See RCW 42.17A.005(41)

Professional staff member (for purposes of F-1)

Public office: See RCW 42.17A.005(42)

Public record: See RCW 42.17A.005(43) and RCW 42.56.010

Public service announcement

Recall campaign: See RCW 42.17A.005(44)

Remediable violation: See RCW 42.17A.005(45)

Reporting modification

Sponsor: See RCW 42.17A.005(46)

Sponsored committee: See RCW 42.17A.005(47)

State election official

State office: See RCW 42.17A.005(48)

State official: See RCW 42.17A.005(49)

Surplus funds: See RCW 42.17A.005(50)

Tangible property

Technical correction: See RCW 42.17A.005(51)

Trade association

Treasurer: See RCW 42.17A.005(52)

Violation: See RCW 42.17A.005(53)

Written sworn statement (for purposes of F-1)