Candidates & Committees

Learn how to register your candidacy or committee and report campaign financial activity, including contributions and expenses.

Personal Financial Affairs Disclosure

Report required personal financial data at the start of a campaign and annually if you’re elected or appointed to office. 

Incidental Committees

Learn if you qualify as an incidental committee and how to register and start reporting.


Learn how and when to report lobbying expenses and which activities must be reported. 

Independent Expenditures 

Learn when to report independent expenditures made in support of or opposition to a candidate or ballot measure as well as electioneering communications that identify a candidate. 

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Reporting Tips

Check out the latest updates on reporting tools and resources — as well as timely reporting tips.


The PDC has updated its ORCA online filing systems to allow your campaign to choose between treasurers when certifying C-3 and C-4 reports, if you have more than one treasurer active on your account.

In the past, if multiple treasurers were active on a campaign, the report would…


The Public Disclosure Commission unanimously voted Dec. 7 to adopt new rules on grassroots lobbying activities.

The term grassroots lobbying can sometimes lead to confusion. Unlike traditional lobbying, in which an individual or a group attempts to influence legislators directly on…


Today, the Public Disclosure Commission is launching a much-improved reporting system for last-minute contributions (LMCs).  

Rather than using a separate application, candidates and committees will now access the LMC reporting system by…

Reporting System Outages 

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