Public Disclosure Commission

711 Capital Way, Room 206 | Olympia, Washington 98504

(Some or all Commissioners will participate via teleconference)

Note: All times shown for consideration of agenda items (other than time of convening) are approximate and may vary, depending on the amount of discussion required for each.

10:30 AM - I. Convene

Presenters - Phil Stutzman; Tony Perkins

10:31 AM - II. Enforcement

Citizens for Two-Thirds, Case No. 13-101, involving alleged violations of RCW 42.17A.205, 42.17A.235, 42.17A.240, and WAC 390-16-125 by exceeding the Mini Reporting limits in WAC 390-16-105 without complying with the provisions of WAC 390-16-12-125.

III. Reporting Modification (New)

Citizens for Two-Thirds, a political committee formed to support Proposition 1, a measure on the November 5, 2013 ballot in the City of Yakima, is requesting that the Commission suspend or modify WAC 390-16-125(1) to allow PDC staff to accept the Committee’s complete application to change reporting options after the Mini Reporting limits were exceeded.

IV. Executive Session/Working Lunch

Discussion of pending and potential litigation with legal counsel. Possible action regarding pending litigation following the executive session.


The Commission may deliberate in closed session on any enforcement matter on this agenda, or any matters listed in RCW 42.30.140.

Meeting Summary

September 10, 2013, Volume 13 Issue No 8

Amit Ranade, Chair

Grant Degginger, Vice Chair

Barry Sehlin, Member

Kathy Turner, Member


The Commission accepted stipulated facts, violations and penalty from Citizens for Two-Thirds  and the PDC staff.  The committee exceeded the mini reporting $5,000 expenditure limit that the committee self-imposed when it registered.  The stipulated penalty was $500.

Following the enforcement action, the Commission granted the Citizens for Two-Thirds request for a reporting modification that would allow the committee to change from mini reporting to full reporting after the committee had exceeded the mini reporting options.

In a procedural ruling, the Commission denied a motion to intervene in both the enforcement action and the Commission’s consideration of the request for reporting modification.

The Commission meeting materials can be found at under Commission Meetings. For additional information concerning these issues contact Lori Anderson, Communications & Training Officer, at (360) 664-2737, toll free 1-877-601-2828 or e-mail at

The next regular meeting of the Public Disclosure Commission is tentatively scheduled for September 26, 2013.

Meeting Minutes