Ticket Number: 
Karen Andonian and Moms for Labeling
No on I-522 Committee
Created Date: 
January 26, 2016
Status of Investigations: 
Investigation of Possible Violation

On August 26, 2013, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) received a complaint from Karen Andonian and Moms for Labeling (MFL) against the No on 522 Committee, a ballot measure committee opposed to I-522, a 2013 Washington
State ballot proposition concerning Genetically Modified food products. The complaint letter from Karen Andonian and Moms for Labeling was filed as a 45-day Citizen Action Letter with the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) and the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office alleging that the No on I-522 committee violated PDC laws and rules by: (1) failing to report support received from the GMA; (2) failing to report
pledges of contributions for support; and (3) failing to report contributions
received from many “alleged large corporations” attempting to defeat Initiative
522; (4) concealing the identify of the contributors to the No on I-522 committee; and (5) failing to accurately disclose the identity of its actual top
donors on political advertising undertaken in opposition to I-522.

NOTE: This case has been on hold since October/November of 2013, pending the outcome of a lawsuit filed by the complainants.