Case #27641
Respondent name: Spokane Home Builders Association
Complainant name: Karen Hardy

The complaint alleged that the Spokane Home Builders Association (Association) violated RCW 42.17A by failing to disclose making in-kind contributions for political advertisements that appeared on the Association’s “jumbotron-style” electronic reader board near Interstate 90 in October 2017, in support of four 2017 city council candidates. 

On May 8, 2018, the Association filed C-6 reports 196 days after the advertisements were presented to the public and 182 days after the November 7, 2017 general election, disclosing that the Association made $1,555 in total independent expenditures undertaken for the billboard advertisements.   The C-6 reports disclosed the Association’s opposition to Proposition No. 2, and its support of the following candidates: (1) 2017 Spokane Valley City Council candidates Caleb Collier, Rod Higgins, Pam Haley, & Mike Munch; (2) 2017 Spokane City Council candidates Tim Benn & Andy Dunau; and (3) 2017 Legislative candidates Senator Shelly Short, and State Representative Jaquelin Maycumber.

The Association completed a Statement of Understanding (SOU) and paid a $150 civil penalty in accordance with WAC 390-37-143, (Brief Enforcement Penalty Schedule), in lieu of having a Brief Enforcement Hearing scheduled.  The SOU and penalty payment resolved the allegations listed in the complaint for the late filed C-6 reports. 

Disposition: Resolved through Statement of Understanding (Resolved 10/11/2018)
Date opened: 11/20/2017
Area of Law: RCW 42.17A.255

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