Case #38991
Respondent name: SEAMUS MCPARTLAND
Complainant name: PDC Staff

By August 28, 2018, the PDC received Seamus McPartland's missing Personal Statement of Financial Affairs (F-1 report); signed Statement of Understanding acknowledging a violation of RCW 42.17A.700 for failure to timely file the F-1 report not later than April 16, 2018; and a $100 payment of a civil penalty.

Having received all three items prior to the Brief Adjudicative Proceeding of September 24, 2018, the PDC closed this case without pursuing further enforcement or fines.

Disposition: Resolved through Statement of Understanding (Resolved 10/29/2018)
Date opened: 08/08/2018
Area of Law: RCW 42.17A.700

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