Case #55052
Respondent name: Fire Services Fund of Washington
Complainant name: Glen Morgan

The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) has completed its review of the complaint filed on July 17, 2019. Your complaint alleged that Fire Services Fund of Washington, a Continuing Political Committee, may have violated RCW 42.17A.220(4) for accepting over limit anonymous contributions.

PDC staff reviewed the allegations; the applicable statutes, rules, and reporting requirements; the response provided by Roger Ferris, Committee Officer; the applicable PDC reports filed by Respondent; and queried the Respondent’s data in the PDC contribution database, to determine whether the record supports a finding of one or more violations.

Although the original C-3 report electronically submitted on December 10, 2018, inaccurately identified $2,632 in funds received from unknown or “anonymous” sources, it appears that the error was unintentional and not done in order to mislead the public.

PDC staff reminded Fire Services Fund of Washington about the importance of the accurate disclosure of all contribution received, specifically funds that are not itemized including anonymous funds, small contributions of $25 or less and proceeds from low-cost fundraisers, on future PDC reports in accordance with the statutes and rules.

Based on this information, the PDC finds that no further action is warranted and has dismissed this matter in accordance with RCW 42.17A.755(1).

Disposition: Case Closed with Reminder (Resolved 08/23/2019)
Date opened: 07/22/2019
Area of Law: RCW 42.17A.220

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