Case #57397
Respondent name: Crystal Dingler
Complainant name: Shannon Rubin, Patricia Main

The complaints alleged Crystal Dingler, a 2019 candidate for City of Ocean Shores Mayor, may have violated RCW 42.17A.320 by failing to identify the sponsor of political advertising.

Based PDC staff findings, and the fact the advertising was sponsored by the Committee and candidate pictured in the advertising, with no intent to conceal sponsorship, staff has determined that, in this instance, the failure to include sponsor identification does not amount a violation warranting further investigation. 

PDC staff is reminding Crystal Dingler and the Committee about the importance of identifying the sponsor's name and address on political advertising in accordance with PDC laws and rules.  

Based on this information, the PDC finds that no further action is warranted and has dismissed this matter in accordance with RCW 42.17A.755(1). 

Disposition: Case Closed with Reminder (Resolved 10/22/2019)
Date opened: 09/13/2019
Area of Law: RCW 42.17A.320

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