Case #6807
Respondent name: Mark Wilson
Complainant name: PDC Staff

Mark Wilson is a first-time candidate seeking the office of Washington State Auditor in 2016.  Mr. Wilson failed to file a a Personal Financial Affairs Statement (F-1 report) and was sent a Brief Enforcement Hearing Notice on July 21, 2016.  

After the August 5, 2016 Brief Enforcement hearings had been held, Mr. Wilson contacted PDC staff stating that he had just returned from vacation, and became aware of the hearing.  He filed a Personal Financial Affairs Statement (F-1 report) on August 6, 2016, completed a Statement of Understanding (SOU) acknowledging a violation of RCW 42.17A, and paid a $150 penalty.

The Presiding Officer rescinded her Oral Findings and accepted the SOU and $150 penalty payment in lieu of issuing an Order.

Disposition: Violation (Resolved 08/19/2016)
Date opened: 07/20/2016
Area of Law: RCW 42.17A.700

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