What is a brief enforcement hearing?

The brief enforcement hearing is used to adjudicate cases when the charges are relatively minor and the facts are not in dispute. The maximum penalty that may be assessed is $1,000.

The Chair of the Public Disclosure Commission, or another Commissioner, presides over the hearing instead of the full Commission. A Commission staff member typically presents the case. Respondents are encouraged to appear and participate in the hearing. Appearing in person is best, but when that is not possible the presiding officer will accommodate telephone participation or accept a written statement.

What can I do to avoid the hearing?

Depending on the enclosed letter, you may avoid the hearing by filing the missing report(s), paying the stated penalty, and/or completing a Statement of Understanding stipulating to a violation.

If you would like to stipulate and have questions, please contact the staff person mentioned in the  letter.

How do I prepare for the hearing?

Brief hearings are informal in nature. An attorney is not necessary. Most people represent themselves.

Can I appear in person?

Yes.  If you want to submit information for the Presiding Officer to consider when making a decision, you can email it to PDC staff at least five business days before the hearing or bring three copies when you attend the hearing. 

If you are having other people, (witnesses) testify they must also be available for the hearing at the scheduled time and place. The scheduled starting time is an estimate.

Can I participate by telephone?

Yes. Please tell the PDC staff five business days before the hearing that you will participate by telephone. Provide an accurate telephone number. You must be available at the designated time of the hearing. The hearing time is an estimate. The Presiding Officer calls cases and establishes the timeline for the hearing. All participants must wait their turn.