How do I combine reporting periods into a single reporting period?

This is a common question because, unless the election is within four months, a C-4 is due only when the committee has deposited or spent more than $200 since the last C-4 report was filed. Skipping reporting for a month or more, however, means that when the committee reaches the $200 threshold, it will report for the period of time that started where the last report left off and end with the end of the month in which the threshold was reached. Follow these steps to combine reporting periods:

  1. File>Committee Info>C4 Reporting Periods>Create Custom Reporting Periods>Edit Custom Periods
  2. Single click the April reporting period to highlight it.
  3. Hold down the Control key on your keyboard while you click the May reporting period to highlight it also.
  4. You should have April and May now highlighted and can click "Combine Selected."
  5. Click OK and you will see the combined period in your C4 list.

NOTE: You will not be able to combine, edit or delete the "locked" C4 reporting periods (for example, the 21- or 7- day pre-election reports) as these are required to be filed regardless of the level of activity.

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