How do I edit reporting periods so that I can file one report containing all activity from the start of my campaign until today when I change from the Mini to Full Reporting option?

You may combine C-4 reporting periods to report for months before your committee has $200 in financial activity since the last C4 report filed. If your committee is involved in an election, you may not combine C4 reporting periods with the 21-day pre-election C-4 report, the 7-day pre-election C-4 report, or the post-election C-4 report periods. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the C-4 reporting function
  2. Find the C-4 report for the last month of the period that you wish to combine. Click the File button for that report.
  3. When you view the report, you should see a Combine Reports button at the top. Above the report is the date range that the combined report will cover. Click the Combine Reports button to create the combined C-4.


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