How do I know who the contributor is when I receive a check with two names on it?

Unless one of the individuals states that the contribution is only from him or her, you will split the contribution between the individuals. ORCA allows you to create couples contacts, so you only need to enter the contribution once and the software will split it on the C-3 for you. Each individual is entered in the system with address, occupation, employer, etc. and is also linked to the couple name.

To enter a monetary contribution from George and Kay Jones:

Click the Monetary contribution function under Contributions on the ORCA dashboard. Enter Contributor Name as: George and Kay Jones or George & Kay Jones (The "Couple" name must be different than either of the Individual names). Enter the contribution using an existing contact, or if there is no contact for the couple who made the contribution, click the + Create New Contact button. To create a couple contact, click the circle next to Couple. Click the green OK button.

In Contact 1 field, enter George Jones. You will then be prompted to enter George's information. When finished, click OK.

You will be prompted to enter Kay's name as Contact 2 and then prompted to enter her information. When finished, click OK and you will be returned to the contribution screen to complete the contribution. After depositing the contribution from George and Kay Jones, you will see it is split between them on the C-3.

NOTE: You may enter two individuals with different last names. For example, George Jones & Kay Smith. Be sure to enter their full names in the couple name field and in Contact 1 and Contact 2 fields.