How do I transfer contacts from one ORCA campaign to another?


You can import your lists(s) of contacts from a previous campaign into your newly created campaign so you don't have to re-type them.

Your contacts are found by going to ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>INDIVIDUALS. The import process will go smoothly if you don't have any errors in your previous list.

In the prior campaign, use the "browse" button found in the bottom right corner of ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>INDIVIDUALS (or the appropriate choice) to review your list.

Delete any empty lines or duplicates you find in your list. Repeat this process for your couple contacts (ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>COUPLES) making sure all your "couple" contacts have both an appropriate "couple name" and separate unique contact entries.

Please review your "other" contacts, (ACCOUNTS>CONTACTS>OTHERS) to make sure all are correct as well.

If you import contacts from a previous campaign to a new campaign and errors exist in the previous campaign, ORCA will halt the import process. If you import a second time it will import the entire list again, subsequently duplicating the names from the first attempt. You can delete the duplicates after the import process is successful.

In ORCA, click Import and Export

Click Import from another program or file

Click Next

Click ORCA Dataset

Click Next

Select the closed campaign that has the names you wish to export FROM

Click Next

Double click the name of the new campaign committee you wish to import INTO

Click Next

Check items you wish to import

Click Import

Click Finish


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