I don't have enough C-4 reporting periods. Can I add more?

Click on the C-4 function under File Reports to see the C-4 reports for your committee. You may click on a column heading to sort by that heading. There may be more than one page of C-4 reports. Use the arrows on the lower right to move between pages of C-4 reports. 

If you don’t see the C-4 report that you need to file listed, use the Add Another Reporting Period button to add another C-4 reporting period. If the button doesn’t function, please contact the Public Disclosure Commission for assistance.

Note: a continuing political committee (one that's not created for only one election) should have a separate ORCA campaign for each calendar year. To file reports after December for a continuing committee, exit the campaign and use Setup Wizard to create an ORCA campaign for the next calendar year.


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