I set up my campaign with a start date of February 1 and filed my first report. Now I realize I had a transaction in January, but cannot add the January reporting period.

Open the ORCA campaign and click on Campaign Info. The campaign start date will be listed under Settings. If the date is not correct, click the pencil icon to change it. The campaign start date should be on or before the date of the first financial activity for the campaign. 

Click the Update Campaign Start Date button to save this change. You should now have the C-4 reporting periods that you need. 

Changing the financial transactions for the prior reporting period of a C-4 report may change the carry forward amounts on that C-4 report, so you may need to submit amended reports for C-4 reports that you have already filed.

If you have trouble adding an earlier C4 reporting period, please contact the Public Disclosure Commission for assistance.


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