There's probably more to reporting ... right?

Probably. It depends on how much you're going to raise and spend on the campaign.

If you choose Mini Reporting (because during the course of the election the committee will raise and spend no more than $7,000 and won't accept more than $500 from any contributor), the C-1pc is all you have to file. If you choose mini reporting and then realize that it's not going to work, there is a process to change to full reporting, but the completed application for changing options must be received at the PDC's office on or before the specified deadline. The limitations of the mini reporting option as well as the instructions for changing reporting options are fully explained on this page: Choosing Mini or Full Reporting.

If you're going to raise and spend over $7,000 during the election (or less than that, but you want to accept more than $500 from a contributor), you fall into the Full Reporting category and the political committee must file frequent contribution and expenditure reports (Forms C-3 and C-4, respectively). The committee treasurer and other officers should carefully read instructions for reporting Contributions and Expenditures.