What do I do when I refund a contribution or I deposit a contributor's check and my bank returns it as NSF?

If you refund a contribution within 10 business days of receiving it, or if the bank tells you there were insufficient funds within 10 business days of your campaign receiving the contribution, you may delete the contribution and file your reports as if the contribution never happened. If you have already reported the contribution, amend your reports. You may also use the Return Contribution function.

If you return the contribution more than 10 business days after receiving it, or the bank returns it for insufficient funds more than 10 business days after you receive the contribution, use the Return Contribution function by following these steps:

1. With your campaign open, go to Expenditures>Refund Contribution

2. When the Refund Contribution window opens, click the Find button

3. Look through the list of contributors to find the one you want to refund. Click it to select it.

4. In the main Contribution Refund window, you will now see the contribution you chose in the previous step. Enter the amount and date you are returning the contribution as well as a description such as “Contribution Refund” or “NSF”. Click Save.

5. If you review the C-4 report covering the period for the date you entered in the previous step, you will now see corrections included with this report. The information will appear on Schedule C Corrections.

6. If you have already uploaded this C-4, please submit the report again as well as any subsequent C-4 reports you may have filed, if applicable.