What do I do when the report is due, but I don't have all of the information I need to include for a contributor or vendor?

Supply all of the information that you have and file the report, so it is not late. If you have requested the missing information, you may enter the word “requested” in the place of missing information such as the contact’s street address or city.

Keep working on obtaining the information and amend the report once you receive the missing information. Add missing information for contacts in the ORCA software by clicking Search Contacts under Contacts.

When you find the contact that you need to update, click on the contact’s name to open the window for that contact, then click the pencil icon to open that entry for editing. Click the green Save button to save the changes to the contact. Changing the contact information will change it on the C-3 or C-4 report. Remember to resubmit any reports affected by your edits.

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