First, make a backup of your ORCA dataset before importing.  This will allow you to restore your data, if necessary.  If you don't make a backup of your dataset and there's you have a problem with the imported data,  the PDC will not be able to restore your data for you.  

You can import contact information into ORCA as long as your Excel columns have the correct titles and order.  First, have at least one contributor name entered in ORCA and then export it using the method above “Can I print a list of contributors?”  The list created will give you the column order and titles into which you will arrange your contacts in the Excel file to be imported.  Once the Excel setup matches the CSV file format, save it to your desktop as a CSV file and you can import into ORCA.

Open ORCA and click File>Utilities>Import and Export. Click “Import from another program or file” and click “Next”.  Click “Comma Separated Values” and click “Next”.  Click “Browse” and select the file and click “Save”. Click “Next” and then select the data set to import the file into and click “Next.” Click “Import” and then “Finish” after the files are imported.