Do not use the corrections or adjustment feature. The contribution must be “deleted” and an amended C3 and C4 filed for the adjustment to be reflected in the PDC database.

The contribution must be “undeposited”, deleted and the C3 amended and any affected C4’s amended.

1. To undeposit an item, you must first locate the item in the Make a Deposit screen. Transactions>Make a Deposit>Previous Arrow. Once located, use the mouse to select the item, click the left arrow in the middle of the screen to move the item back to the left side of the deposit manager screen.  Click OK. (Note: if the item is the only item in the deposit and the C3 for this deposit has been transmitted you cannot “undeposit it.”)

2. Delete the contribution. Transactions>Contributions>Monetary Contribution>Previous Arrow.  Once the transaction is located, click the red “X” to delete. 

3. Amend the C3

4. Amend any changed C4 reports

Note:  if the contribution to be deleted is the only item on the deposit and the C3 for the deposit has already been transmitted to the PDC, you will not be allowed to delete the deposit.  You can only edit the contribution to zero amount and then amend the C3.

(If refunding a contribution, do not enter the expenditure for the refund.)