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The law states that it is a violation for any person or entity to pay or agree to pay any consideration to a person for lobbying unless that person is registered as a lobbyist with PDC. [RCW 42.17A.650]

The law also imposes certain duties and responsibilities on lobbyists in addition to registering and filing accurate and timely reports of compensation and expenses.  According to RCW 42.17A.655, a person required to register as a lobbyist is prohibited from:

  1. Engaging in any activity as a lobbyist before registering;
  2. Knowingly deceiving or attempting to deceive any legislator as to any fact pertaining to any pending or proposed legislation;
  3. Causing or influencing the introduction of any bill or amendment for the purpose of afterwards being employed to secure its defeat;
  4. Knowingly representing an interest adverse to any of his/her employers without first obtaining the employer's written consent and after full disclosure of the adverse interest;
  5. Exercising any undue influence, extortion, or unlawful retaliation upon any legislator by reason of the legislator's position or his vote on any pending or proposed legislation;
  6. Entering into an agreement, arrangement, or understanding that all or a portion of the person's compensation is contingent upon the success of any attempt to influence legislation.