Installing ORCA on Windows

Click on the download link and when it completes, go to your downloads folder. This will vary depending on what version of Windows, and browser software.



Option 1

Right click “” and click “Extract All…”

In the window that appears make sure the checkbox is checked for “Show extracted files when complete”

Click “Extract”

In the windows that appears double click “ORCA1.113.exe”


Option 2

Double click “”

In the window that opens double click “ORCA1.113.exe”


In all versions of Windows:

A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to allow the program.

Antivirus software (if you have it) also might pop-up and warn you that downloading ORCA is risky. That’s usually because ORCA is not a widely used or distributed software program.

After bypassing that warning, you can proceed with normal setup.


In Windows 10, the installation process looks a bit different:

A window will appear that says “Windows protected your PC” (See screenshots)




















Click “More Info” then click “Run anyway”