Ticket Number: 
Brian Wright
Jerry Hatcher
Created Date: 
August 10, 2017
Status of Investigations: 
Case Closed with No Evidence of Violations
  • Allegation One: Solicitation of contributions from a public employee by accepting a $1000 contribution from a supervisor at the Benton County Sherrif;s office
  • Allegation Two: Unauthorized acceptance of an over-limit contribution of $4758 from the Garlick family when the limit three family members is $3000 for any given election.
  • Allegation Three: Contributions that may be inappropriately reported as personal funds to conceal the source of the contributors and circumvent reporting requirements. 
  • Allegation Four: Unauthorized use of public facilities to promote the candidacy which includes an official campaign photo of a Benton County patrol car as well as photos of Jerry Hatcher in full uniform and with patrol vehicles that are posted on the campaign Facebook page. 
  • Allegation Five: Failure to file weekly contribution reports on multiple occasions during the reporting period that starts on June 1st to capture the previous 7 days of deposits.
  • Allegation Six: Failure to report expenditures on time. Sign posting permits for City of West Richland were reported on 6-7-17 instead of during April, when the signs were posted. 
  • Allegation Seven: Failure to report in kind contributions on time. $272 on sign wood and $147 on sign brackets were reported on 6-10-17, even though the signs have been posted since the middle of April in Benton County.
  • Allegation Eight: Failure to report expenditures. Jerry Hatcher has posted over 100 4×8 foot signs around Benton County. Each has minimum of 2 4×4 and 1 section of plywood to keep them up. Only $400 in sign wood or campaign sign framing is being reported, which doesn't account for the fair market value of the other sign components. Hatcher may have received wood and accessories from Markel Properties as an unreported in-kind contribution. .
  • Allegation Nine: False political advertising by claiming to be endorsed by the 38 Sheriffs in Washington State without producing proof of endorsement.