Ticket Number: 
PDC Staff
Mikael Monson
Created Date: 
December 16, 2015
Status of Investigations: 

This is a PDC staff generated complaint alleging that Mikael Monson, a candidate for King County Public Hospital District Position 1 violated: (1) RCW 42.17A.205 by failing to file a Candidate Registration (C-1 report); and (2) a Personal Financial Affairs Statement (F-1 report), both required within two weeks of declaring his candidacy or not later than May 31, 2015.  


Mr. Monson submitted a letter to the PDC on June 25, 2015, stating he was terminating his 2015 candidacy, and that he would not be filing the C-1 and  F-1 reports, and if elected he would not accept the office of Hospital Commissioner.  Mr. Monson was elected Hospital Commissioner in the November 3, 2015 general election, and was sworn into office.  On January 6, 2016, Mr. Monson filed the missing C-1 and F-1 reports.

Penalty Amount: 
Penalty Amt. Suspended: 
Penalty Amt. Reinstated: 
Penalty Payment(s): 
Wednesday, April 13, 2016