Ticket Number: 
Kelly Hinton
Republicans of Clark County PAC
Created Date: 
March 16, 2017
Status of Investigations: 
Case Closed with No Evidence of Violations




This committee has raised $5386 from fund raising but failed to file the required C4 on or before March 10 of this year.


The Republicans of Clark County, a political committee, allegedly failed to file a C4 expenditure report.







I received notice that KJ Hinton filed a complaint regarding the PAC funds reporting on March 14th.

Apparently our treasurer , Mark Deason, filed the C4 report 4 days late.


Our apologies for the 4 day late tardiness but I will say it was filed by the time we received

any notice of complaint issued.


At the time he (our treasurer) was dealing with the on going issues of his father's dying and timing was crazy for him.

There was simply put a lot on his plate physically and emotionally to deal with.


Since he only has one (had) father I do not anticipate this to recur.

Things have not quite settled down from his passing but I am sure that we will see them

return to running smoothly again.


I hope this puts this issue to rest with no further ado. Feel free to contact me at cell (503) 984-5659

or my email address of hazel_x2@comcast.net should we need any further actions.


Carolyn Crain

Chair, Republicans of Clark County PAC