Steve Hobbs - 2022

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State of Washington




November 22, 2021


3309 114th Dr NE
Lake Stevens, WA 98258




Financial Information

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Contributions Amount:


Loans Amount:


Total Receipts:






Debt Amount:


Independent Expenditures for/against:

$164,710.27 / $0


Primary Election Status:

Qualified for general

General Election Status:

Won in general

Campaign Status:

Candidate declared

Map the campaign’s contributors and vendors

Made to candidate for 2022 Contributions

See who has contributed cash and in-kind (non-monetary) contributions to the campaign.

Contributions made to candidate for 2022
Contribution Category Contributed Value
Individual 262209.39
Party 261160
Business 98842.04
Political Action Committee 95250
Union 65370
Other 12003.02

Made by candidate for 2022 Expenditures

See how the campaign has spent money, and what kind of goods and services it received as in-kind contributions.

Expenditures made by candidate for 2022
Expense Category Expense value
Broadcast/cable TV advertising 619300.03
Inkind contribution 54598.72
Not Provided 39243.55
Management and consulting services 34250
Printing campaign signs 18590.09
Other 31102.06

Candidates Registered for this Office

Candidate Contributions Expenditures
Steve Hobbs $794,834.45 $797,084.45
Julie Anderson $368,946.39 $367,663.01
MILOSCIA MARK A (Mark Miloscia) $75,263.14 $79,263.14
Keith L. Wagoner $49,298.77 $36,482.88
Tamborine M. Borrelli (Tamborine Borrelli) $48,492.20 $51,569.29
Brad Klippert (Write in Klippert for Secretary of State) $16,212.69 $17,212.69
Bob Hagglund $14,817.25 $14,367.62
Marquez Tiggs $0.00 $0.00
Brian Magarity Travis (Brian Travis) $0.00 $0.00
Ty Rosenow (Ty Rosenow) $0.00 $0.00
Kurtis Engle $0.00 $0.00

Spending for and against this candidate Independent Expenditures

Independent expenditures are made by third parties that are not part of a candidate’s campaign.

No Independent Expenditures reported.

Incurred by candidate Debts

This information shows the debt for the campaign as of the submission date of the related report.

Outstanding debt for campaign is $0.00

Campaign Finance Reports

See the reports filed by the candidate. Reports with a strikethrough were amended by another report.

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