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Financial Overview

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Made to candidate for Contributions

See who has contributed cash and in-kind (non-monetary) contributions to the campaign.

Contributions made to candidate for {election_year}
Contribution Category Contributed Value

No contributions reported.

Made by candidate for Expenditures

See how the campaign has spent money, and what kind of goods and services it received as in-kind contributions.

Expenditures made by candidate for {election_year}
Expense Category Expense value

No expenditures reported.

Candidates Filed for this Office

declared candidates (eligible for election)
Candidate Contributions Expenditures

Spending for and against this candidate Independent Expenditures

Independent expenditures are made by third parties that are not part of a candidate’s campaign.

Expenditures for and against this candidate
For candidate Against candidate

No independent expenditures reported.

Incurred by candidate Debts

This information shows the debt for the campaign as of the submission date of the related report.

Outstanding debt for campaign is

Campaign Finance Reports

See the reports filed by the candidate. Reports with a strikethrough were amended by another report.

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