Repeal the Capital Gains Income Tax - 2022

Committee Information


December 10, 2021


Heather Clarke
3400 Capitol Blvd SE Suite 202
Tumwater, WA, 98501

Political Committee Type

Statewide Ballot Measure


State of Washington

Committee Address

PO Box 7685
Olympia, WA 98507




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Made to committee for 2022 Contributions

See who has contributed cash and in-kind (non-monetary) contributions to the committee.

Contributions made to committee for 2022
Contribution Category Contributed Value
Individual 650422.29
Business 30500
Political Action Committee 800

Made by committee for 2022 Expenditures

See how the committee has spent money, and what kind of goods and services it received as in-kind contributions.

Expenditures made by committee for 2022
Expense Category Expense value
Not Provided 566687.29
Surveys, polling, research costs 70000
Accounting, legal, regulatory... 27500
Management and consulting services 15500
Miscellaneous 3324.03

Made to committee Loans

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Campaign Finance Reports

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