Defend Washington - 2024

Committee Information


February 06, 2024


Philip Lloyd
PO Box 21961
Seattle, WA, 98111

Political Committee Type

Single Election Committee


State of Washington

Committee Address

PO Box 21961
Seattle, WA 98111




Financial Information

Campaign Starting Balance


Contributions Amount


Loans Amount


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Made to committee for 2024 Contributions

See who has contributed cash and in-kind (non-monetary) contributions to the committee.

Contributions made to committee for 2024
Contribution Category Contributed Value
Business 318129.12
Individual 152750
Political Action Committee 145000
Other 98625

Made by committee for 2024 Expenditures

See how the committee has spent money, and what kind of goods and services it received as in-kind contributions.

Expenditures made by committee for 2024
Expense Category Expense value
Inkind contribution 226429.12
Accounting, legal, regulatory... 147610.86
Management and consulting services 137442.17
Surveys, polling, research costs 79750
Miscellaneous 93105.87

Made to committee Loans

See loans received, forgiven or paid by the campaign.


Held by committee Debts

See the campaign's debt reporting history.


Campaign Finance Reports

See the reports filed by the committee. Reports with a strikethrough were amended by another report.

Amended by Report Amend Report Period Report Through Report Number Filed Report Form Type Filer ID Election Year