Independent expenditures and electioneering communications are important because they are a constitutionally protected form of speech and, unlike contributions, not subject to limit.

As long as an expenditure does not constitute a contribution as defined in RCW 42.17A.005(16)(a) and WAC 390-05-210, the person making it is free to spend as much or as little as he or she likes.

For individuals and non-PAC organizations that make independent expenditures – defined as an expense that advocates the election or defeat of a candidate and is not done in coordination or consultation with that candidate – must report such expenses of $1,000 or more.

Also reportable: Any advertising you've sponsored that doesn’t outright support or oppose a candidate, but clearly identifies one. You also may need to report such “electioneering communications’ to the PDC.

What to report

We’ll get you up to speed on how to determine whether reporting requirements apply to you.  

How to report

Once you’ve determined that you need to report, find out how to properly disclose an independent expenditure or electioneering communication.

What else to consider

Learn what you need to know about sponsor identification and other requirements of political advertising in our guide