You should file a personal financial affairs statement (F-1) if you are:

  • An elected official, appointee to an elected office, or candidate in a jurisdiction that is countywide or has at least 2,000 registered voters
  • An appointed state official mentioned in RCW 42.17A.705.
  • A charter school director
  • A professional staff member in the legislature or governor’s office

You may also be required to report if you are a candidate who receives or expects to raise $7,000 or more.

Financial Affairs Disclosure basics

Learn when the F-1 is due, where to file, and what financial information to report.

When and where to report

Personal Financial Disclosure FAQ

Completing the F-1 report 

Requesting Modifications

Request an exemption from reporting certain information due to personal safety concerns or a potential competitive disadvantage for a business, among other reasons.

How to request a modification