The PDC may suspend or modify the reporting requirements of persons subject to the disclosure law if it decides that the law works a “manifestly unreasonable hardship” on the filer and the modification “will not frustrate the purposes” of the law. If you believe your circumstances meet these two statutory tests and are able to provide convincing arguments to that effect, you have the option of requesting the Commission to grant a reporting modification.

To apply for a modification, submit a letter that makes clear: 

  • the reasons why reporting the required information would cause a hardship,
  • how a modification would relieve the hardship, and
  • why granting your request would not “frustrate the purposes” of the disclosure law. 

A hearing will be scheduled to consider the request. It’s best if you attend the hearing, but your presence is not required. Hearings are scheduled in conjunction with PDC meetings, which are typically held in Olympia. The PDC staff can make arrangements to allow someone to participate in the hearing by telephone, if necessary. 

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