Karstetter, Jared: A Citizen Action Complaint was filed against Mr. Karstetter alleging violations of RCW 42.17.435, .460, .470, and .485.




Jared Karstetter


Dmitri Iglizin


On September 7, 2016, a 45-Day Citizen Action Letter (Complaint) was filed with the Washington State Attorney General's Office (AG’s Office) by Dmitri Igliztin and Laura Ewan, against Jared Karstetter, former legal counsel for the King County Corrections Guild, alleging violations of the following PDC statutes:


  • RCW 42.17A.435 by concealing contributions made from the King County Corrections Guild between 2012 through 2015, and identifying himself as the source of the funds for the contribution.
  • RCW 42.17.460 by earmarking contributions received from the King County Corrections Guild to candidates for public office, but attributing those contributions as having been made by him personally.
  • RCW 42.17A.470 by being an intermediary or an agent for a contribution.
  • RCW 42.17A.485 by being personally reimbursed by the King County Corrections Guild for contributions that were disclosed as having been made in his name.

Also reference SC 16-2-04713-34 https://www.pdc.wa.gov/browse/cases/SC%2016-2-04713-34



Resolved by Attorney General – Violation

Date Opened

October 06, 2016

Areas of Law

RCW 42.17A.435, RCW 42.17A.460, RCW 42.17A.470, RCW 42.17A.485

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