Guidelines & Restrictions 

Detailed information on topics such as allowable uses of campaign funds, last minute contributions, lobbying prohibitions and restrictions, and more.  

Browse and filter to find the rules governing candidates, committees, lobbyists, or another group, and to read the interpretations and declaratory orders that express the official view of the appointed Commission. To explore proposals for new rules, visit the Commission's rulemaking page

Political Advertising 

Know the rules before advertising in support of or opposition to an election campaign. 

Campaign Contributions 

Learn contribution limits for candidates and committees, as well as any other restrictions on what can be accepted. 

Public Agencies & Campaigns

Read the Commission’s guidelines on the use of public facilities and resources in election campaigns. 


We publish all enforcement cases. Search enforcement cases and review case documents. Learn about the enforcement process and how to report a violation. 

Explore enforcement information

Recent Enforcement Cases

Case: 157030
Status: Assessment of Facts
Respondent: Natasha Hill
  • Allegation: Violations of RCW 42.17A.235, & .240 for failure to timely & accurately…
Case: 156953
Status: Assessment of Facts
Respondent: Wenatchee School District
  • Allegation: Violation of RCW 42.17A.555 by using public agency facilities to influence an…

Report a Violation 

Do you have knowledge of a violation of the political disclosure law? 

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PDC staff conduct random audits annually. Learn what we found.  

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