Promote confidence in the political process.


The PDC will lead the nation in fostering full disclosure of money in politics.


  • Empower the public to "follow the money" in politics
    • Provide real-time access to meaningful data
    • Ensure compliance with campaign-finance laws and regulations
    • Pursue proactive and equitable enforcement
    • Enhance outreach
  • Help regulated community achieve and maintain compliance
    • Provide expert guidance
    • Facilitate e-filing for all disclosures with accessible, technologically up-to-date options
    • Understand and anticipate filer needs
    • Provide additional training opportunities and methods
  • Continue to build a better, more agile, and more responsive organization
    • Exercise flexible and nimble resource allocation
    • Seek enhanced funding/staffing
    • Identify and respond to emerging trends and issues
    • Implement timely process improvements
    • Plan for succession needs
  • Attract and retain a talented and dedicated workforce
    • Sustain culture of clean and open government, as embodied in the agency's grassroots heritage
    • Provide and encourage opportunities for growth
    • Accommodate work/life integration

How we put our plan into action

The Commission pursues the core principles of its strategic plan through projects it adopts and monitors. Currently, the Commission is focused on these areas:

  • Electronic reporting modernization
  • Digital political advertisement disclosure
  • Lobbying disclosure
  • Enforcement process improvement
  • Commission outreach

The elements of the strategic plan also imbue the day-to-day work of the agency. To see how that influence plays out, check out our IT framework plan to learn how technology powers every part of our work to meet strategic plan goals. 


Before the start of each legislative session, the Commission studies issues and proposes needed policy changes to lawmakers.

Legislative priorities 

PDC annual reports and project tracking

The PDC publishes a report each fall summarizing our work and the data reported to us for the last election cycle.

Annual Reports

Our development projects are designed to improve reporting and provide more information to the public.

PDC projects