The Public Disclosure Commission is pursuing several policy changes in the 2024 legislative session that were held over from last year. While the agency achieved much of its legislative agenda in 2023, several important policies remain in the PDC’s request legislation, SB 5284 (and companion HB 1677), which is still pending. The legislation would: 

  • ​​​​Require sponsors to alert ad vendors when a purchase is a political advertisement to help ensure the vendor collects and maintains the required records of such advertising for public inspection.  
  • Adjust campaign reporting schedules to synchronize with the vote-by-mail election period by expanding reporting schedule of campaign expenditures, independent expenditures, and last-minute contributions. An additional expenditure report would be due 27 days before the election in order to capture the rise in campaign spending leading up to the voting period. 

  • Raise the threshold for special reporting of contributions received near an election to above $2,000 to ensure timely and focused disclosure of truly extraordinary contributions.