The Public Disclosure Commission has adopted emergency rules to implement agency-request legislation passed by the 2019 Legislature.

SHB 1195 took effect immediately upon being signed by Gov. Jay Inslee on May 21. 

The legislation, which was the product of public and stakeholder engagement, includes several important improvements to PDC reporting requirements, disclosure of personal financial affairs, and the citizen action process, as well as other technical clarifications of the Fair Campaign Practices Act.  

The proposed emergency rules will remain in effect until permanent rules are adopted after the 2019 general election. State law prohibits the PDC from implementing new rules after June 30 because of the proximity to elections. 

Please note that these rules do not incorporate implementation of ESHB 1379 (Political advertising top contributors) and other legislation that will become effective later this year. Any rules affected by those new laws will be amended after the 2019 general election. The PDC will publish guidance on those changes in law as they become effective.  

WAC 390-05 General policies and definitions

WAC 390-16 Campaign finance reporting

WAC 390-18 Political advertising

WAC 390-19 Electronic filing

WAC 390-20 Lobbying reporting  

WAC 390-24 Reports of financial affairs

WAC 390-28 Modifications of reporting requirements

WAC 390-37 Enforcement rules