The Public Disclosure Commission is the independent state agency charged with regulating campaign finance disclosure. In addition to investigating potential violations of the disclosure law, the agency provides training and ongoing assistance to candidates and political committees that have questions about how to meet the reporting requirements.

The PDC relies on county auditors and other election officials for information about candidates and ballot measures, and to help spread the word about the responsibilities that come with campaigning for office. Below are some of the print and electronic resources available to help election officials educate candidates about PDC requirements.

New candidate flier

This one pager provides a simple introduction to PDC disclosure for the new candidate. (Print friendly version)


Reporting instructions for candidates 

This FAQ provides high-level instructions for candidates who are reporting for the first time. (Print friendly version)

A longer, more detailed manual is available here for candidates who have additional questions. (Print friendly version)

Flowchart to help determine PDC requirements.


Key reporting dates

The complete 2020 reporting schedule for campaigns is available here. (Print friendly version)


Classes on disclosure requirements and electronic filing

The PDC offers classes throughout the year for candidates and political committees. Campaigns can sign up to attend at the agency's registration page