Candidates and committees are required by law to publicly disclose campaign finances. Let’s get you up-to-speed on what you need to know.

Register your candidate campaign if you are running for a statewide or county office, are in a jurisdiction that contains at least 5,000 registered voters or expect to receive contributions totaling $7,000 or more. Not accepting contributions does not relieve a candidate from filing a registration. Complete the registration within two weeks of the following, whichever comes first:

  • Accept a contribution or spend money for your campaign
  • Reserve space or purchase advertising to promote your candidacy
  • Authorize someone else to do one of the activities above for you
  • State publicly that you are seeking office (even if the candidacy is conditioned on a future occurrence)
  • File a declaration of candidacy

Register a political committee if you are a person, group, club, organization or collection of individuals (except an individual using their own funds*) that expects to receive contributions or make expenditures in support of or opposition to any candidate or ballot measure. Complete the registration within:

  • Two weeks of organizing or first expecting to receive or spend funds, or
  • Three business days of organizing or first expecting to receive or spend funds if it is within the last three weeks before an election.

Once registered, find out how to report campaign finances.

Wrapping up a campaign or closing out a reporting year? Learn what to do after the election.

* An individual using their own funds may still need to file a C-6 to report an independent expenditure