Regular Commission Meeting

Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 9:30am

Public Disclosure Commission

711 Capital Way, Room 206 | Olympia, Washington 98504

Note: All times shown for consideration of agenda items (other than time of convening) are approximate and may vary, depending on the amount of discussion required for each.

Meeting Agenda: 
9:30 AM - I. Citizen Comments/Concerns

Presenter - Chair Degginger

9:30 AM - II. Commissioner Comments/Concerns

Presenter - Chair Degginger

9:30 AM - III. Minutes

Approval of:

  • Regular meeting minutes of August 21, 2014

Presenter - Chair Degginger

9:35 AM - IV. Rule Making/Interpretation


  • Discussion

o   Disclosing Lobbying Expenditures Pertaining to Receptions – continued from July 2014 meeting

o   Recipients’ disclosure requirements for gifts of food & beverage

  • Possible approval of draft language for:

o   Lobbying Expenditure Disclosure Rules

§  Amend WAC 390-20-020 Forms for lobbyist report of expenditures

§  New WAC 390-20-020A L-2 Reporting Guide for Entertainment, Receptions, Travel and Educational Expenditures [converting PDC Interpretation 96-03 to rule]

o   Personal Financial Affairs Disclosure Rule

§  Amend WAC 390-24-010 Forms for statement of financial affairs

Campaign Loans

  • Continued discussion and possible adoption of new PDC Interpretation concerning campaign loans

Presenter - Lori Anderson

10:35 AM - V. Legislative/Budget Update

  • Review Submitted Decision Packages for 2015-17 Biennium
  • Review Annual Draft Legislation and Stakeholder Comments

Presenter - Andrea McNamara Doyle

11:05 AM - Break
11:10 AM - VI. Reporting Modifications


Presenter - Chip Beatty

11:15 AM - VII. Annual Report

  • Presentation of the FY14 (Draft) Agency Annual Report

Presenter - Lori Anderson

11:30 AM - VIII. Executive Session

Discussion of pending and potential litigation and legal counsel.  Possible action pending litigation following the executive session.

12:00 PM - Lunch
1:00 PM - IX. Enforcement

  • Robert Jesse Hill, Case No. 15-026 involving an alleged violation of RCW 42.17A.700 by failing to file a Personal Financial Affairs Statement within two weeks of becoming a candidate for State Representative in the 27th Legislative District, or no later than May 31, 2014.
    Requests for Review/Reconsideration of Group Enforcement Orders
  • Jeff Jansma, PDC Case No. 14-146
  • Tracey Rascon, PDC Case No. 14-091

Presenter - Kurt Young

2:10 PM - X. Staff Reports

  • Executive Director
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Communications and Outreach

Presenter - Andrea McNamara Doyle, James Gutholm, Phil Stutzman, Lori Anderson

2:30 PM - XI. Executive Session - Continued
3:15 PM - Adjourn

The Commission may deliberate in closed session on any enforcement matter on this agenda, or any matters listed in RCW 42.30.140.

Meeting Minutes: