Regular Commission Meeting

Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 9:30am

Public Disclosure Commission

711 Capital Way, Room 206 | Olympia, Washington 98504

Note: All times shown for consideration of agenda items (other than time of convening) are approximate and may vary, depending on the amount of discussion required for each.

Meeting Agenda: 
9:30 AM - I. Citizen Comments/Concerns | Commissioner Comments/Concerns | Minutes

Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of December 5, 2013

Presenter - Chair Ranade

10:40 AM - VI. Pending Reports

Demonstration of new internal application to track pending reports that are awaiting submission of signature cards

Presenter - Michael Smith

10:50 AM - Break
11:00 AM - VII. Filer Requests

Reporting Modification Request from Richard L. Anderson, City Council Member, City of Everett, seeking an exemption from disclosing the business customers that made payments of $10,000 or more to Hascal, Sjoholm & Company, PLLC during the previous twelve months.

Electronic Filing Waiver Request from Pam Roach, 2014 Candidate for State Senate from the 31st Legislative District, seeking a limited exemption from the electronic filing requirements for reports filed in calendar year 2013 (WAC 390-19-050).

Presenters - Chip Beatty; Lori Anderson

11:10 AM - VIII. Legislative Report

Presenter - Andrea McNamara Doyle

11:25 AM - IX. Budget Report

Presenter - Andrea McNamara Doyle

11:30 AM - X. Staff Reports

  • Executive Director
  • Chief Technology Officer

Presenters - Andrea McNamara Doyle; Michael Smith

11:40 AM - IX. Compliant Review Status Report

Presenters - Jacob Berkey; Andrea McNamara Doyle

11:50 AM - XII. Enforcement

Report to Commission re: Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Case No. 14-002, a 45-day citizen action complaint involving alleged violations of RCW 42.17A.205, .235 and .240 by failing to register and report as a political committee in opposition to I-522, a statewide initiative on the November 5, 2013 general election ballot concerning the mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in certain food and beverages.

Presenter - Phil Stutzman

12:00 PM - XIII. Executive Session/Working Lunch

Discussion of pending and potential litigation with legal counsel. Possible action regarding litigation following the executive session.

1:00 PM - XIV. Enforcement (continued)

Reconsideration of Final Commission Order re: Robert Jesse Hill, Case No. 13-126, involving violations of RCW 42.17A.205 and .700 by failing to file a Candidate Registration (C-1 report) and a Personal Financial Affairs Statement (F-1 report) as a 2013 candidate for Tacoma City Council.

William Neal, General Manager, North Beach Water District (NBWD), Case No. 13-002, involving alleged violations of RCW 42.17A.555 by authorizing one of his subordinates, Tami Herman, a NBWD staff person when the alleged violations occurred, to use the NBWD facilities (computer and copier) to assist the 2012 campaign of William Herman, Ms. Herman’s spouse, for Pacific County Commissioner.


The Commission may deliberate in closed session on any enforcement matter on this agenda, or any matters listed in RCW 42.30.140.

Meeting Minutes: