November 15, 2019

When you submit a document in ORCA, you might notice a button off to the left side called “Edit Text Attachment.” This button allows you to add a note to your C-3 or C-4 report. If you click on that button, you will get a blank window to type in. Whatever you type will be added as an extra page to your form when you submit it. If there is anything about your form that you’d like to explain to the members of the public who read it, such as details about a contribution or an expense that you didn’t have room for on the form itself, you may add it there.

You may also send us an attachment to your C-3 or C-4 by email. Send a message to and say in the letter that it’s an addition to a document that you have filed. We will attach it to the image of your form in our system so that anyone viewing your documents will see that too. Some committees report their in-kind contributions in this way.