How do I set up and report my surplus funds account?

If an elected official wishes to use surplus campaign funds to pay for unreimbursed public office expenses, the official must register the surplus account with the PDC and create a separate ORCA account to report the financial activity for the account.

Register the surplus account in the PDC’s candidate registration system. Use Setup Wizard to create an ORCA campaign for the surplus account.

When you transfer funds from the campaign account to the new surplus account, report this on the ORCA campaign for the election campaign using the Spend Surplus Funds function under Expenditures. For category or account of the expenditure, choose Transfer to surplus funds account.

Enter the transferred funds into the new ORCA campaign for the surplus account using the Other Receipts function under Miscellaneous Receipts. Use the Description field on the other receipt window to explain that it’s surplus funds transferred from the campaign account.

If a candidate wishes to disburse surplus funds in one of the other ways allowed by law, it isn’t necessary to register the surplus account to do this.