Reports a bank deposit.  Details reported include contributors' names, addresses, occupations and employers, as well as amounts given. Contribution reports are required to be filed electronically. You may request a hardship exemption if you are unable to file electronically. Email your request to pdc@pdc.wa.gov.

This schedule is attached when necessary:

Note:  A written loan agreement must be executed for each loan that the committee accepts.  Agreements are kept with the campaign records and not submitted to the PDC, unless requested.  See PDC Interpretation 14-01 for a sample agreement.

RCW 42.17A.235, 240*

Due Date

Bank deposits must be made at least weekly, if contributions are received.  Complete a separate C-3 for each deposit.

For primary and general elections - between June and general election day, file weekly on Mondays.

For special elections - during last 4 months before election, file weekly on Mondays.

Other periods - file on 10th of the month following the month when the deposit is made.