Discloses independent expenditures supporting or opposing candidates or ballot measures.  Also used to disclose electioneering communication expenditures. RCW 42.17A.255, 260, 305*

Reports are required to be filed electronically. You may request a hardship exemption if you are unable to file electronically. Email your request to pdc@pdc.wa.gov.

Due Date

  • Within 24 hours of when the ad is presented to the public, provided independent expenditure appears within 21 days of election and costs at least $1,000.  (Multiple ads about the same candidate or ballot measure with an aggregated cost exceeding $1,000 are reported within 24 hours.), or
  • Within 5 days of spending for all other independent expenditures.
  • Electioneering Communications are disclosed within 24 hours of when the ad is presented to the public.  (See Terms for definition.)

Note:  An ad that meets criteria of both independent expenditure and electioneering communication, must be disclosed as an electioneering communication.

Electronic Filing Option