April 24, 2019

When you’ve entered contributions that your campaign receives into ORCA, you’re not done yet — you also have to show that you’ve put that money into the bank. 

To do so, click on "Transactions" and then "Make a Deposit." The date field in the upper left is for the date that you made that deposit. Make one deposit window for every day that money goes into the account. If you make multiple deposits (or electronic funds transfers into the bank account) on the same day, you still want to have one window for that date. You may make multiple deposit windows for the same date, if it helps you keep track, but be careful not to have two windows for the same date and the same amount of money — that causes ORCA to have problems.

Every deposit window that you make makes ORCA create a report of contributions (C-3) for you to submit. Before the end of May, the C-3 reports are due when the C-4 reports are due, usually on the 10th of the next month. Beginning May 27, C-3 reports are due the Monday after the date of deposit.

Check out the “Key Reporting Dates” on the website click here for candidates, or here for committees.